Have you heard of CaringBridge?

CaringBridge is a unique online space that you can use to keep family and friends up to date about your transplant news– or for that matter, news about any type of health event that you may be experiencing. Tired of having to email all your contacts every night about the latest  developments in your health journey? There is an easy solution– create a personal, protected online space where you can connect, share news and receive support. Not only is it free, but it’s easy. Once created, your friends and family can log into your personal website and not only receive your current news, but they can also send you messages of support and caring. Another unique feature of CaringBridge is its’ Support Planner tools. This is a calendar that family and friends can use to coordinate care and helpful tasks such as signing up to bring a meal, doing a grocery run, etc.

CaringBridge is a nonprofit entity and offers protected online spaces with an array of privacy settings. In just a few minutes, you can set up a support site for yourself or a loved one. You can also connect with other people who suffer from similar medical problems.

In a future blog post I will explore CarePages , a similar online space.


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